6 Benefits That New gTLDs Offer To Businesses

In the last blog, we explored the growth in new gTLDs and the reasons why individuals and businesses are increasingly opting for them. Today, we will discuss how these new gTLDs provide a fresh digital landscape to online businesses by providing opportunities to deepen their digital footprint and build a domain name or even an entire domain portfolio that works for their brand.

1) Establish AUnique Brand Presence

With over 1200 new gTLDs introduced on the internet, there is a great branding potential for businesses. New gTLD extensions allow individuals or brands to clearly specify how they would like to be identified; whether they are a certain product or service, hobby, interest group, business, city, etc. They provide an opportunity to pick a name that best suits their offering by optimizing both the main part of the URL as well as the extension.

You can simply choose which category your website belongs to and have multiple options available at your disposal. For instance, if you are in the real estate business, you can select from over 14 extensions that solely describe that industry eg: .estate, .land, .condos, .apartments, etc. So if you are a realtor selling condos, you could simply get a domain name like buy.condos!

This could open doors for businesses to create shorter, catchier, more relevant and more brandable names.

2) Create A Comprehensive Brand Portfolio

Multinational companies with a wide range of products can now own an entire TLD space for product branding and create websites for each product with their own TLD brand extension. At present, more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies have applied for their own TLD, and among those that have already been released are .apple, .bmw and .microsoft. Brand TLD owners can also give their affiliates or partners access to their own domain names in their TLD space, which can help confirm authenticity and create trust amongst customers as well.

For businesses with a wide range of products, it will provide a straightforward method for organizing their portfolio with an unlimited selection of domain names to market their brands.

3) Get Recognized By Your Customer

New gTLDs can help make your website instantly recognizable to your customer. Since some TLDs are restricted to only businesses within specific industries like .bank for banking institutes or owned by certain brands like .bmw, these TLDs will need to be verified before being registered. This helps prevent fraudulent or deceptive parties from using them, builds customer confidence and creates a secure online environment. By simply checking the domain suffix, consumers will be able to determine if the website is genuine or not.

In addition, with certain TLDs providing exact information, customers can easily recognize the website’s affiliation. For example, the .london extension lets everyone know where the store is physically located and .tips would ideally be used for providing tips on various industries or topics such as finance.tips, career.tips etc.

4) Ideal For Search Engines

New gTLDs could help boost search ranking and web traffic for a business as they offer a chance to get a good keyword rich domain name. Though Google has dismissed keyword richness as a deciding factor for ranking a website, with search engines’ growing focus on location and relevance, the effect could still be especially visible in local search results. Thus, a .london domain could rank more for people searching for businesses in that area.

Also, considering that Google has invested millions in .app, it would be appropriate to assume that new gTLDs are going to be a force to reckon with.

5) Purchase Secured Domains

Domains registered with new gTLDs do not have any history and that could actually be a good thing for businesses. Since they do not have any past domain ownerships or bad backlinks pointing towards them, a business can start afresh and not worry about purchasing domain names that may have had a bad reputation or be associated with links that could adversely affect them.

6) Expand To Non-English Languages

While country-specific extensions like .us, .uk, etc. have been in existence all along, now businesses have the opportunity to reach users in their native languages like Arabic and Chinese. Both local and major international business players can now speak to their customer in the language they use and thereby enhance their brand’s online presence.

Right from providing new branding and marketing opportunities to enhancing security, new gTLDS surely seem to be a trend of the future! And although traditional TLDs like .com will continue ruling the internet space, instead of paying large sums of money to buy an old domain, smart and innovative businesses can now create their own niche and stand out on the internet with the help of these new extensions.

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