The Top 100 Most Expensive Domain Sales of All Time (Verified)

Top 100 Most Expensive Domain Sales of All Time (Verified)Have you ever wondered about the most expensive domains ever to be sold? Well, here’s a list of the Top 100 most expensive domain sales of all time.

We have omitted some of the commonly referenced highest domain sales, simply because we were unable to verify the authenticity of these transactions. In our research, we only want verifiable domain sales.

Top 100 Domain Name Sales of All Time

Below you’ll find a chart ranking the Top 100 Domain Sales of All Time. It is updated in real-time as new sales are reported so check back frequently. The list only includes all-cash sales of domain names, it doesn’t include sales of websites, businesses or sales where there was an equity component.

During this period 1,381,578 sales $100+ were recorded totaling $2,572,175,891.

An additional 3,578,349 sales below $100 were recorded totaling $77,007,103.

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