How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

best dedicated server hosting

A business’s critical business applications should be running at peak performance, and the best dedicated server hosting will ensure that the server stays that way. Without proper dedicated hosting, these applications will suffer from downtime, affecting overall productivity, efficiency, and finances. Additionally, it may damage the brand’s authority. As a result, a business should consider several factors when choosing a hosting plan, including the RAM capacity, data transfer rates, and uptimes.

KnownHost offers premium web hosting services at a reasonable price. KH servers are connected by 10Gbps backbones across the globe, forming a first-class network and ensuring optimized performance for every single user. Dedicated servers from KH are offered as both managed and unmanaged solutions, but the latter are better suited for those who aren’t Linux experts. For instance, Media Template offers daily backups, automatic malware removal, and security scanning.

Many dedicated server hosting providers provide control panels, which allow you to control the configuration of the server. Some also offer basic security oversight and troubleshooting. Other features of dedicated server hosting include antivirus and malware removal, as well as hardened server configurations. Traditional dedicated servers offer up to 2TB of SATA storage, which can be useful for backing up important data. They also provide control panels such as Plesk or Interworx. Some providers even give their customers root-level access to control the server’s settings.

When looking for the best dedicated server hosting, security should be a top priority. Make sure the server offers SSL encryption. This encryption protects sensitive user information, so you should choose a company that provides it. SSL encryption will also protect your site against hackers. A higher level of security means your website will be more secure. Dedicated server hosting should offer 24/7 technical support to solve any problems you may encounter. The company should also provide great customer service.

Another feature that you should look for in dedicated server hosting providers is uptime. Uptime is vital for a website’s ranking. Use a website monitoring tool to check the uptime of the server. Ideally, the dedicated server hosting provider will not be down for long, even if you’re using high traffic. Additionally, a dedicated server should never go offline for whatever reason, including natural disasters. If the dedicated server hosting provider has an uptime of 99.9%, it’s likely that the uptime is higher than the average.

Dedicated server hosting costs more than shared hosting, but the advantages are numerous. Dedicated servers give you much more control over the server configuration. The best dedicated server hosting providers will also monitor the servers and fix any problems before you even realize there’s a problem. The cost range for basic dedicated server hosting is $50-$140 a month. A dedicated server hosting provider can even upgrade hardware when needed. If your website requires more power, then a dedicated server is the best choice.

DreamHost’s three plans each come with a different amount of bandwidth, storage, and CPU cores. The main difference between the plans is the RAM size. DreamHost also has an enhanced server package that offers a 2TB storage capacity and sixteen to sixty-fourGB of RAM for $279 a month. For this price, it’s hard to beat the dedicated server hosting offered by DreamHost. But before you decide to sign up with DreamHost, read the reviews first.

Bluehost is another great choice for those on a budget. The packages can be customized to fit any budget, and Bluehost includes some features with their prices. For people who don’t have experience with server setup and are looking for an easy, fast setup, and good customer service, Bluehost is worth a try. So, what should you look for in dedicated server hosting? And what’s the best way to compare each provider’s offerings?

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