WordPress 6.4 Released

Welcome to WordPress 6.4

Every version of WordPress empowers your creative freedom, and WordPress 6.4 is no different. New features and upgrades to your site editing, design, and writing experience allow your ideas to take shape seamlessly. Elevate your site-building journey with the flexibility and power of WordPress 6.4.

Say hello to
Twenty Twenty-Four

Experience the latest advancements in site editing with Twenty Twenty-Four. Built with three distinct use cases in mind, the versatility of the new default theme makes it an ideal choice for almost any type of website. Dive into its collection of templates and patterns and unlock a world of creative possibilities with just a few tweaks.

Add a lightbox effect to images

Turn lightbox functionality on for interactive, full-screen images with a simple click. Apply it globally or to specific images to customize the viewing experience.

Categorize and filter patterns

Organize your synced and unsynced patterns with categories. Explore advanced filtering in the Patterns section of the inserter to find them all more intuitively.

Get more done with the Command Palette

Enjoy a refreshed design and more commands to find what you’re looking for, perform tasks efficiently, and save time as you create.

Rename Group blocks

Set custom names for Group blocks to easily organize and differentiate parts of your content. These names will be visible in List View.

Image previews in List View

New media previews for Gallery and Image blocks in List View let you visualize and locate at a glance where images on your content are.

Share patterns across sites

Need to use your custom patterns on another site? It’s simple! Import and export them as JSON files from the Site Editor’s patterns view.

Enjoy new writing improvements

New enhancements ensure your content creation journey is smooth. Find new keyboard shortcuts in List View, refined list merging, and enhanced control over link settings. A revamped and cohesive toolbar experience for Navigation, List, and Quote blocks lets you efficiently work with the tooling options you need.

Build your creative vision with more design tools

Get creative with new background images in Group blocks and ensure consistent image dimensions with placeholder aspect ratios. Do you want to add buttons to your Navigation block? You can now do it conveniently without custom CSS. If you’re working with synced patterns, alignment settings stay intact for a seamless pattern creation experience.

Introducing Block Hooks

Block Hooks is a new powerful feature that enables plugins to auto-insert blocks into content relative to another block. Think of it as recommendations to make your work with blocks more intuitive. A new “Plugins” panel gives you complete control to match them to your needs—add, dismiss, and rearrange Block Hooks as desired.


WordPress 6.4 includes more than 100 performance updates for a faster and more efficient experience. Enhancements focus on template loading performance for Block Themes and Classic Themes, usage of the script loading strategies “defer” and “async” in core, blocks, and themes, and optimization of autoloaded options.


Every release is committed to making WordPress accessible to everyone. 6.4 brings List View improvements and aria-label support for the Navigation block, among other highlights. The admin user interface (UI) includes enhancements to button placements, “Add New” menu items context, and Site Health spoken messages.

Learn more about WordPress 6.4

Learn WordPress is a free resource for new and experienced WordPress users. Learn is stocked with how-to videos on using various features in WordPress, interactive workshops for exploring topics in-depth, and lesson plans for diving deep into specific areas of WordPress.

Explore the WordPress 6.4 Field Guide. Learn about the changes in this release with detailed developer notes to help you build with WordPress.

Read the WordPress 6.4 Release Notes for information on installation, enhancements, fixed issues, release contributors, learning resources, and the list of file changes.

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